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  • Informational

    Offer valuable information to your site visitors.

    “Sale Ending Soon” creates urgency to drive conversion.
    “Free Pilot offer” informs business customers of valuable offer   available.

  • Email Collector

    Increase email subscriptions of new site visitors to stay connected and continue their engagement with your brand.

    “Join us, we will inform you of our deals” – Offers value to the shoppers to subscribe to email list.
    “Get our weekly health tips videos joining our newsletter”

  • Coupon

    Offer coupons to users based on their engagement, page location and exit intent. Right page placement and triggers reduce abandonment and increase conversion.

    “Instant offer. Get 30% off your cart using promocode.” – Encourages shoppers to complete purchase withoutabandoning.
    “Reserve your seat in our 2020 conference, get special 20% off for your purchase now”.

  • Video

    Share engaging video to landing users providing a valuable offer or informative content. Offer sign up to lead them to a “call to action” page.

    “Product Demo Video” – Sign up users for a pilot program with product demo video.
    “Buy Now, On Sale” – Show a lively video of a new arrival product of high value and lead them to the product page.

  • Live Counter

    Gain trust and create urgency informing visitors of activities occurring on your site.

    “100 Active visitors on site” – informs user of customer reach and engagement.

  • Latest Conversion

    Inform customer of user activity and drive trust and urgency.

    Inform site visitors of other user activity to increase their engagement.
    Raise awareness and build confidence in your brand.

  • Conversion Counter

    Share purchase information to drive urgency and conversion.

    “10 people bought this product recently” – Increases confidence to purchase the product.
    “5 customers signed up for the webinar today”.

  • Social Share

    Allow users to share valuable info or product pages with their friends on social networks.

    Share with your friends: Posts page links or user comments on social sites increasing customer engagement.
    Share a Product Page to Facebook for friends to review and comment.
    Share a webinar page to post to LinkedIn
    Share a promotion to share on Twitter.

  • Random Review

    Offer customer reviews as visitors browse and navigate through your pages. Increase trust and confidence to drive increased sales.

    Share a Product review when user is on a product detail page.
    Share a customer testimonial when users are browsing a software product feature list.

  • Emoji Feedback

    Seek short and quick customer feedback with a fun, engaging notification. Use exit intent triggers or other actions to gather input.

    How do you rate our site experience?
    Your feedback on our product demo video.

  • Score Feedback

    Another way to gather feedback is a number scoring notification. Takes less than 2 seconds for customers to provide feedback.

    How do you rate our site?
    What do you think of our product collection?

  • Request Collector

    Collect information from user when they are abandoning site or cart without completing an activity. Gather user call back info to follow up and close a transaction.

    We can call you back, Share your info.
    We can help you with completing the purchase of the conference tickets, leave your info.

  • Countdown Collector

    Use countdown tracker to notify of upcoming events like sale ending, conference dates, webinars to get subscription and sales conversion.

    Join our webinar, sign up now.
    Free sample sale near your store, reserve your spot.